How Can Functional Cupping Help Me in Plantation FL?

How Can Functional Cupping Help Me In Plantation FL?

Chiropractic Plantation FL Cupping Treatment

Functional Cupping Therapy in Plantation FL is an incredibly unique method. The negative pressure of the cups distracts the tissue allowing for an increase in blood flow, lymph drainage, improved movement, and overall recovery.

Functional Cupping works by applying cups in restricted or painful areas of the body. The patient is asked to perform various motions, decreasing movement restrictions. The goal is to restore correct pain-free movement.‍

‍Benefits of Functional Cupping in Plantation FL

  • Promote healing by loosening soft tissue and connective tissue.
  • Increases range of motion.\Improve blood circulation.
  • Decrease fascia and muscle restriction
  • Increases input to the nervous system.

Note the vacuum formed by Functional Cupping draws up the old stagnant blood from the injured area. Once the old stagnant blood and sticky fluids are brought up to the surface and away from the injury, the body begins to rush newly oxygenated blood to the injured area. The newly oxygenated blood is packed full of oxygen, living cells, and nutrients.