Headaches & Migraines in Southeast FL

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Anyone who suffers from regular headaches in Southeast FL will tell you: it’s not fun. And don’t get us started on migraines. Living with either of these problems might make you feel constantly irritable; it might even feel like you can’t get anything done because it’s so difficult to function through the pain. Medication may help treat the symptoms, but when problems reoccur or continue for an extended period of time pills alone won't do enough. Interestingly enough, your head pain may have a clear source: your spine. If you’re dealing with regular headaches or migraines, make an appointment with a Southeast FL chiropractor and you might find a better way of managing or even eliminating your head pain!


Whether you are suffering from a constant discomfort and tightness in your head, or experiencing the worst migraines have to offer, including sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting, or depression and irritability, a trip to the chiropractor may help. Migraines can happen when your spine is out of alignment, or when there's pressure on your nerve endings due to repetitive stress on your muscles. This is because your nerve endings are sensitive, and when they are compressed (because of, say, swelling) they send messages to your jaw, shoulder, and neck, to tense up and this may be causing your pain!

Believe it or not, tightness in your spinal column can lead to acute headaches and migraines. Over time, this chronic ache could pull on the wrong muscles and that might wreak havoc on other important systems of your body—including the alignment of your bones! A severe case of constant migraines may also be an indication of underlying problems. Because every part of our body is connected, and poor health in one area of our body can lead to issues in other parts, it's imperative that any problems or pain you have are dealt with promptly.


Chiropractors are trained in dealing with issues like headaches and migraines, even if you think these issues are unrelated to the spine. In fact, your spine is connected to a number of different systems, all of which affect your health in different ways. Most notably is the nervous system, which can often cause a lot of pain when in poor shape. Often, a chiropractic treatment begins with a consultation and physical exam. If all possible causes for your head and neck pain are ruled out, your chiropractor will then start looking into alignment adjustments that will specifically suit your case and condition.

Using gentle spinal adjustments and non-invasive, non-surgical techniques, a chiropractor can help realign your spine. These adjustments may not feel like much at the time of your treatment, but they can provide almost instant pain relief. Not only that, but consistent chiropractic treatment over time will ensure your long-term spinal health and help you improve and maintain the quality of your life and body function.

We can help you overcome your migraines and headaches. Call us today at Carswell Chiropractic & Athletic Performance Center for an appointment!

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