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When it comes to keeping your kids healthy, their nervous system is a major player. From blood flow and brain function, all the way to bone growth patterns—stress and spinal misalignment have a huge impact on your child's health in Southeast FL. A chiropractor at Carswell Chiropractic & Athletic Performance Center can offer kid-friendly care with no invasive techniques. Intercepting these problems early is very important, as childhood problems could become lifelong adulthood conditions!


Children may be the last group you'd think would need chiropractic care. They rarely complain about chronic pain and their bodies appear capable of bouncing back from injury more resiliently than an adult would, right? The truth is that children face many stresses while they're developing--and keeping them healthy requires attention too!

As soon as you bring your newborn home from the hospital there already may be a problem with your infant’s spinal alignment due to the stresses of birthing--a concern shared by parents no matter what way their baby came into this world (natural birth vs cesarean section). As toddlers, children strain and twist while learning to crawl or walk. One of the best ways to keep a child healthy is to keep up with their spinal health. Keep regular appointments with a chiropractor to check for any misalignments or injuries a child may not have the words to communicate!

As they grow older, they may start to develop bad posture. Sitting in front of a computer or TV for long periods of time can compress and put a lot of strain on the spine. Other childhood activities like playing rough sports and carrying heavy backpacks will also cause issues for your child's spinal development. As teenagers are more responsible for daily responsibilities, they might find themselves doing more spine-intensive tasks, such as working a demanding service job or shoveling snow and mowing the lawn.

Clearly, children have plenty of opportunities to find their spines out of alignment. And your spine affects many aspects of your health: most notably, your nervous system. Children need to have a healthy nervous system to develop well and on time.


In many cases, a child's spine may be misaligned without them realizing it. They might not have enough experience to identify subtle chronic issues developing and even when they're experiencing pain there can be difficulty communicating the issue with you which could come across as grumpiness or acting out in an attempt to garner attention from parents/caregivers.


Every child deserves to grow up feeling healthy and happy. That's why chiropractic doctors are here for them, whether it be an occasional adjustment or a more extensive treatment plan that will help your little one live the best life possible! Nonsurgical techniques include gentle spinal adjustments which reduce stress on the body while delicately realigning any out-of-place vertebrae. You might find that your child dozes off right after chiropractic treatment. This means the alignment likely made them feel a bit better! If you have any questions about your child’s spinal health or think they might benefit from chiropractic treatment, call our team at Carswell Chiropractic & Athletic Performance Center today.

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