Other Chiropractic Services In Southeast FL


We're well-rounded here at Carswell CAPC. We offer other services in conjunction with our chiropractic and athletic care in Southeast FL. If you're unsure about going to an office, we can even consult with you via telemedicine!

What We Do

  • House Call Services
  • Sports Care at Events
  • Telemedicine

Chiropractic House Calls In Southeast FL

We know going to a chiropractic office can be intimidating which is why we offer individual house calls for our patients. Whether it's your first time or you're a regular, we can always find a way to meet. We can do your first visit as well as your follow-up visits this way.

Keep in mind your first visit, which includes history, treatment, and examination, will be around 1 hour and all follow-ups will be 30 min. Ready to learn more about how our individual house calls work or ready to schedule one?


Can I schedule my first consultation through telemedicine services? Yes! In fact, for new patients, we offer an initial telemedicine visit to see if our services can help you. We also offer telemedicine visits for nutritional, supplement, and exercise consultations.‍

Even though our services are hands-on, we can provide care via telemedicine visits. Telemedicine visits can be used while you're on a vacation or anytime, anywhere you are experiencing an issue.

Sporting Event Concierge

We know sporting events can be stressful, which is why we offer our sporting event concierge. We go to your event as a sports medicine & chiropractor for whatever the needs may be. During these events, we offer services such as chiropractic care, rock tapping, rock blading, and cupping. Want to learn more about our concierge services?

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