Chiropractor Tonya Carswell D.C.

Chiropractor Southeast FL Tonya Carswell

Dr. Tonya Carswell is Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and TPI Certified Expert. She is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health.

Dr. Carswell's knowledge of sport injury prevention combined with her knowledge of full body motion allows her to design treatment plans that provide injury recovery and prevention.

She considers chiropractic care as the key to getting individuals back to and beyond their peak performance.

Dr. Tonya Carswell is TPI Certified

This means she is specially trained in the science of golf fitness and how to use it to optimize your golfing performance. TPI Certification is the gold standard in golf fitness and Dr. Carswell has completed over 500 hours of coursework to earn this distinction.

As a TPI Certified professional, Dr. Carswell has a deep understanding of how the body moves during the golf swing. This allows her to create customized programs that can help improve your swing and prevent injuries.
If you are looking to improve your game, Dr. Carswell can help. Contact us today to learn more about TPI Certification and how it can benefit your game.

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