Frequently Asked Chiropractic Questions in Southeast FL

Find out the answers Southeast FL Chiropractors frequently give to patients seeking to learn more about chiropractic care at their offices. Learning more about chiropractic and its benefits can help you find the best chiropractor for you. If you have a question you don't see answered below, reach out to your team at Carswell Chiropractic & Athletic Performance Center at (954) 604-4277.

What does Dr. Tonya Carswell DC treat?

We treat a multitude of injuries as well as sport-related injuries. For a full list of what we treat click here, and for a full list of our services click here!

Do you take walk-ins?

No, we do not take walk-ins. We offer at-home or on-the-golf course services.

How much time will I spend with the Chiropractor?

It depends on many things, such as the severity of your condition, whether you're coming in for a sport-related treatment, and more. However, most first visits to a chiropractor can last as much as 30 minutes. Follow-up visits may take between 5-10 minutes.

Do you do physical therapy?

Dr. Carswell is not a physical therapist, but she can perform physical therapy that doesn't require a doctor's note. If you have a doctor's note recommending a physical therapy treatment, Dr. Carswell can refer you to an appropriate Physical Therapist.

Which sports injuries am I at risk for?

The sports injuries that you're at risk for vary by sport. However, for golf, you're typically more at risk for a wrist, back, neck, or shoulder injury.

How does chiropractic care help me as a golfer?

Chiropractic care in golfers helps free the joints to allow a range of motion. Moreover, pain caused by joint not being able to move is targeted and treated, thus allowing for an increased range of motion, and then strengthening exercises given by Dr. Carswell makes sure that what caused and triggered the pain doesn't happen again.

Can chiropractic care lessen my reliance on pain medications for my injuries?

Chiropractic treatments can help reduce the frequency and severity of neck pain, knee pain, or other types of chronic pain. Regular chiropractic adjustments can also help reduce dependence on medications that can interfere with your long-term health.

How does balance affect my vulnerability to sports injuries?

Balance helps endurance athletes run harder, bike longer, and swim stronger. In order to improve your balance, it's important to understand the types of balance and incorporate balance exercises into your workouts in order to coach your body to react to minor divots on the ground and maintain a strong balance.

How do herniated discs affect athletic performance?

Athletes are more at risk than the average person to suffer from herniated discs due to the immense amount of stress they place on their bodies. This can lead to injuries in your sport or having to take long rest periods because of the strain put on the body. Chiropractic care can help athletes prevent herniated discs and allow them to stay in the field longer.

How does chiropractic care help resolve sports injuries?

Chiropractors can help prevent and treat injuries to the neck, back, shoulder, knee, and ankle. They are also able to do adjustments to the spine, ensuring that it's lined up and balanced, helping relieve tension in the body. This allows athletes to become less susceptible to injury.

What are the most common types of sports injuries?

The eight most common types of sports injuries are strains, sprains, knee injuries, fractures, tennis elbow, shin splints, back injuries, and concussion, all of which chiropractors can help you prevent and/or can treat.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is an irritation of the tissue that connects the forearm muscle to the elbow. It is usually caused by the repetitive wrist and arm motions similar to that of swinging a tennis racket, thus, the name.

What is golfer's elbow?

Golfer's elbow is a condition that causes pain on the inner side of the elbow or the tendons of the forearm. It's typically caused by excess or repetitive stress by forceful wrist and finger motions.

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