Para-Athletic Care In Southeast FL

Chiropractic Southeast FL Para-Athletic Care

Para-athletes now have a high level of inclusion but this performance can come with a high probability of injury. Add to that that there are lacking statistics for para-athlete injuries. We can only assume the injury rates are at least equal to those of typical athletes. We incorporate these strength and conditioning components into our training alongside our experience and knowledge of biomechanics in order to provide para-athletes with training & injury prevention plans in Southeast FL that fit their individual needs.

What We Do For Para-Athletes In Southeast FL

  • Understanding of Disability
  • Recovery Strategies
  • Highly Individualized Treatment
  • Mobility Improvement
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Compensation Improvement
  • Para-Athletic Specific Training

Para-Athletic Training

How can chiropractic care help? Certified chiropractic sports physicians, like Dr. Carswell, can relieve pain without the need for drugs or surgery. All while keeping the body balanced and maintaining optimal performance. We know how to maintain your body at peak performance in order for you to excel at your sport.

Athletes need to be on top of their game at all times. Prescription drugs dull reaction times, and surgery may leave you benched for months. That's why we focus on injury prevention education alongside nutrition to minimize the need for prescription drugs or surgery.

Understanding biomechanics is key in para-athletics or adaptive sports. By knowing the mobility needs of the body at such a granular level, Dr. Carswell is able to provide para-athletes with customized training that fits their needs and sport.

Recovery Strategies

What are recovery strategies? Para-athletes tend to overuse specific muscles in order to power themselves up during their sport. Because of that, they require highly specific recovery strategies that target the overused muscles. They're important to apply in order to continuously avoid injuries as much as possible.

These recovery strategies are important to apply in order to continuously avoid injuries as much as possible. These strategies can include limb compression or cryotherapy, an athlete-specific routine of soft tissue massage, trigger pointing and stretching, designated recovery sessions, and cross training.

These recovery strategies should be combined with close monitoring of workloads and fatigue from the general perspective alongside the specific body areas to help create training plans that are based on how the specific athlete copes physically.

Compensation Improvement

How does compensation improvement work? Doctors & trainers who specialize in working with para-athletes recognize that these athletes must improve in one area of the body in order to overcome their limitations in another body part.

Because of this need to compensate for another part, it's important for doctors to be knowledgeable in biomechanics analysis, which we are at Carswell CAPC. This is important in order to better understand how we can help para-athletes compensate in an efficient manner.

For example, for athletes with a specific joint impairment of the knee, we have to understand how we can help them improve the surrounding joint and muscle function of the hip and ankle to compensate. Our goal is to help you optimize your compensation muscles without injuring yourself.

Injury Prevention Education

How can you help me prevent injury?‍ We help prevent para-athletic injuries by combining our knowledge of nutrition, chiropractic care, biomechanical deficiencies, & muscular and structural imbalances. This helps us assess your body and muscles in order to understand why you're getting injured.

We look to have a comprehensive approach to injury prevention in order to give you the tools necessary to avoid an injury on and off the field. We take into account your disabilities and which muscles you're overusing to compensate in order to give you a specialized injury prevention plan.

We don't want you to consistently come to us injured, we want you to stay in the field for as long as possible without injuries. We want to help you decompress and rebuild the muscles you overuse without new injuries.

Want to excel in the field like never before? Schedule your first consultation today! Dr. Carswell will work with you to reach your golf peak performance.

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