Exercise Smarter in Southeast FL

Exercise Smarter in Southeast FL

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Who in Southeast FL doesn't like to work hard and achieve goals? In any case, it is human nature to relish the praise that results bring. But nowadays, achieving goals isn't enough, we want results as fast as possible. In reality, rushing to get objectives may sometimes do harm rather than help. Call us at our Southeast FL chiropractic practice if you want to know more.

You’ve heard the story before. Someone vows to “get fit”. They buy gym memberships, gear, and shoes. They go to the gym once, twice, or more. They have grandiose body fantasies and crave them after a few workout sessions.

But they don't adequately prepare for the fitness program. Instead, they overdo it the first few times and wind up hurting for days or injuring themselves, creating even more delays and significant medical expenditures. People often fail to achieve their fitness goals because they try to hasten the process, exercising harder rather than smarter.


So, how can you exercise smarter? The answer is simple: SLOW DOWN! If you haven't been exercising, your body can only take so much before becoming strained and painful. Even if you've been exercising for a while, you shouldn't abruptly increase your intensity or you risk pain and damage. Rushing will certainly result in harm and prevent you from making consistent progress towards your goals.


Depending on your age and physical level, the best workout plan is modest, progressive, and long-term. Begin with a walking routine, gradually increasing your pace and distance. This shouldn’t be something you quit after a few months. Exercise only helps you as a long-term healthy habit.

Regardless of the workout, the same moderate, progressive method should be employed. If you're new to lifting weights, pilates, or yoga, start slowly. Listen to your body; less is more in the long run. If you are persistent, you will notice more energy, better posture and flexibility, a brighter complexion, and better sleep.


Any fitness routine can benefit from Southeast FL chiropractic treatment. As you exercise and improve your strength and fitness, you may sustain minor injuries. Regular chiropractic therapy can help avoid injuries and speed up healing by increasing joint mobility. Most injuries are caused by tight muscles and lack of flexibility. With regular exercise, chiropractic therapy helps restore and preserve joint flexibility in the spine. Any fitness regimen should include chiropractic.

Don't overdo it. Exercise responsibly.

Don't put off chiropractic care until you become hurt! Call Carswell Chiropractic & Athletic Performance Center today with any questions.

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