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Golf Specific Care

We want to help you reach your peak performance on the golf course.

What we do

Golf Care & Improvement

At Carswell Chiropractic and Athletic Performance Center we take into account your current level of golf performance in order to help you reach your goals. We know each golfer is different and has unique needs. That's why we evaluate you to create a plan centered around your goals to help you reach your peak performance.

We are also TPI certified, which allows us to teach you how to increase your golf performance on the field. We combine our knowledge of biomechanics analysis alongside chiropractic care to aid you in your golfing career.

What We Do

  1. TPI Golf Performance Evaluation
  2. Golf Chiropractic Care
  3. Mobility Improvement
  4. Swing Accuracy
  5. Increased Endurance
  6. Golf Specific Exercises
  7. Nutrition Plans
  8. Strength & Conditioning
  9. Common Golf Injury Prevention

How we help you

  1. TPI Golf Performance Evaluation
  2. Golf Chiropractic Care
  3. Mobility Improvement
  4. Swing Accuracy
  5. Increased Endurance
  6. Golf Specific Exercises
  7. Strength & Conditioning
  8. Nutrition Plans
  9. Common Golf Injury Prevention
Want to improve your golf game but don't know where to start? Schedule your first consultation today! Dr. Carswell will work with you to reach your golf peak performance.
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Applied Biomechanics

What is biomechanics?
Biomechanics is the application of mechanism techniques to the human structure. In golf, biomechanics is used to understand and improve body movements related to your swing, mobility, and flexibility.
In modern golfing, biomechanics play a huge role. Biomechanics help golf experts understand how to improve a golf swing. Biomechanics is also used to improve golfers' flexibility in order to perform better both competitively and in the long run.
By understanding the way you move and swing, Carswell CAPC can help you not only improve your game, but help prevent injury. Understanding how you move your body allows us to understand how you can injure yourself and thus prevent you from doing what causes the injury.

Nutrition Tailored to Golfers

Do golfers really need different nutrition?
The short answer is yes! Just like any athlete, golfers need to follow certain nutritional needs in order to perform their best. Nutrition is also needed for speedy and correct recovery of muscle use.
There are many do's and don't's when it comes to golfers nutrition. Here at Carswell CAPC we take into account your age, weight, and more in order to help create a nutrition plan that best adjusts to your golfing needs without sacrificing your lifestyle.
We know every golfer has a different reaction to training, stress, and nutrition. However, in order to achieve peak performance it is important to combine strength and power with an optimal foundation in nutrition.

TPI Golf Evaluations & Exercise Programs

What is the TPI Golf Performance Evaluation?
The TPI Golf Performance Evaluation is a certification that allows us to assess the mobility, stability and power generation of golfers. We then use the findings of the evaluation to refer you to a trainer or golf professional for follow-up.
The TPI Golf Performance Evaluation uses high-speed, slow motion video swing analysis in order to asses the  kinematic sequence of your golf swings. Depending on your results we come up with a training regime that will allow you to improve and maintain peak performance.
Golfers aren't meant to be the fastest athletes, but endurance is essential. That's why we focus on endurance training when creating your workout plan. When thinking of your plan we take into consideration warm-ups and cool downs in order to help prevent injury.
what we offer

Injury Prevention Education

How can you help me prevent injury?
We combine our knowledge of nutrition, chiropractic care, biomechanical deficiencies, and muscular and structural imbalances in order to assess where you are with your form. This helps us understand why you're getting injured and how to prevent it.
We at Carswell CAPC take a comprehensive approach to guarantee that all of our golfers increase their athletic performance while at the same time decrease the likelihood of injury. We teach you the best methods to help you prevent new injuries both in and off the field.

We educate you to prevent injury because it is in our best interest for you to avoid injury. We don't want you to consistently come to us injured, we want you to stay at your best for the longest time possible.