Back Pain

An estimated 85% of people will experience some form of back pain in their life. Unless being involved in accident or sustained a sports injury, most back pain is caused by:

  • Prolonged sitting

  • Leaning forward while sitting

  • Improper biomechanics

  • Improper lifting

  • Weak core musculature

  • Muscle tightness

If left untreated back pain has shown to trigger other conditions such as leg pain (sciatica), lower extremity numbness and tingling as well as weakness.

How can we help?

Our goal is to get you back to what you love doing stronger than before.  Our focus is relieving your pain, restoring your performance, and renewing your hope through proven treatments and therapies such as:

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation frees up the joint space allowing for improved mobility and range of motion.


Education on proper lifting techniques, sitting techniques, and ergonomic.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Strengthening and stretching exercises to increase strength allowing for more range of motion.

Nutrition Counseling

Advice on supplements and  healthy lifestyle changes

Find out more about how our services can help you.